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Innovative Approach

António Coelho’s teachings go beyond conventional methods, emphasising the importance of a positive self-image and mindset reprogramming. 

Proven Results

As a mentor to prominent figures, including members of Royal Households and celebrities, António has consistently contributed to the success and personal growth of his mentees. 

Dynamic Speaker

António engages audiences with his dynamic and insightful speaking style, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with individuals long after the event.


António Coelho

António Coelho, a distinguished Mindset and Success mentor, author, and lecturer, brings a unique perspective to the world of personal development. 

With a wealth of experience in mindset paradigms and self-empowerment, António has earned a reputation for delivering impactful and transformative keynotes. 

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London, UK

“Booking António Coelho as a keynote speaker was a transformative experience for our event. His dynamic and insightful presentation left our audience inspired and motivated. António has a unique ability to connect with the audience, delivering profound messages that resonate long after the event. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a keynote speaker who can truly make a lasting impact.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“António Coelho is a master of connection and engagement. His keynote address at our conference was not just a speech; it was an interactive and immersive experience. António’s ability to blend wisdom with relatable anecdotes creates a powerful and memorable presentation. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees, and many expressed gratitude for the impactful insights gained.”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“We had the pleasure of hosting António Coelho as a keynote speaker, and it was an unforgettable experience. António brought a fresh perspective to our event, offering insightful and actionable advice on mindset, success, and personal development. His engaging style captivated the audience, leaving them with valuable takeaways and a renewed sense of purpose.”

The Mindset Mansion

António Coelho is available to speak on a variety of topics

Mindset Paradigms

Understand the power of mindset in shaping personal and professional success. 

Mindset Mastery for success

Unlock the secrets to mastering your mindset for unparalleled success and achieving your personal and professional goals. 


Cultivating a positive self-image to overcome challenges and achieve goals. 

Financial Freedom

Explore proven strategies and mindset shifts essential for attaining financial freedom and creating lasting wealth. 

Laws of the Universe

Harnessing universal principles for prosperity, fulfilment, purpose, and wealth. 

Quantum Leaps in Personal Growth

Embark on a transformative journey of personal growth, discovering how to make quantum leaps in your personal development. 

Elevating the Standard of Living

Discover practical approaches to elevate the standard of living for yourself and others, creating a life of fulfilment and purpose. 

Nurturing a positive company culture

Learn the keys to fostering a positive and thriving company culture that enhances employee well-being and organisational success. 

Leadership Excellence

Elevate your leadership skills with insights on effective communication, decision-making, and inspiring teams for excellence. 

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